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What are the effects of radiotherapy?
Radiation therapy can also damage healthy cells, so in the treatment of radiation, the correct dose control of the target volume is the most vital program in controlling the quality of the radiation therapy unit, which means that the radiation dose should be controlled in such a way that it can with the least damage to healthy tissues, Destruction in cancerous cells. The incidence of complications depends on the treatment and the treatment area and the patient’s tolerance and radiation dose (radiotherapy dose).
Problems that may arise as radiation treatments during treatment, although unpleasant, are often not acute or dangerous complications and disappear over time (several weeks after treatment). Many patients during the course of treatment The treatment does not have any side effects and easily affects the daily activities of your life.
Of course, general complications may also occur in radiation therapy, such as feeling tired, lethargic, and depressed. Some of the symptoms that appear in these patients are basically related to the overall side effects of the cancer. In any case, care for patients who receive radiation therapy involves care, special care and mental health. The psychological problems of these patients are largely due to physical and complications such as lifestyle changes, pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, malnutrition and social and economic pressures, and can lead to reactions such as anxiety and depression.