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Extensive research has shown that exercise can greatly reduce the likelihood of cancer, and if it catches, it will reduce the chance of recurrence. In addition, exercise increases the life span of cancer patients. More than half of cancers can be cured. Today, the most important way to fight cancer is to improve lifestyle and healthy living, which has an undeniable role in exercising. Exercise is effective in preventing cancer in the following ways:
One of the most important roles of the human body’s defense system is to determine and prevent the invading factors. Another important role is the discovery and elimination of cancer cells. The researchers concluded that exercise plays a role in increasing the level of immune activity in cancer prevention and treatment.
Regular exercise can affect the risk of cancer by reducing body fat and obesity. Fat and obesity are a risk factor for certain cancers such as uterine cancer, breast and colon. Regular physical activity is effective either directly or indirectly in regulating the levels of hormone in the body, and by reducing the hormones that increase the chance of developing cancer, they can prevent it.
Athletes are less likely to suffer from constipation. Physical activity reduces the risk of colon cancer by reducing the time spent stopping toxic substances in the intestines. Research has shown that athletes have a 40 to 30 percent lower chances of developing colon cancer.
Exercise by reducing the level of inflammatory chemicals in the body, such as prostaglandins, can increase your health and reduce the chance of cancer.
Exercise by balancing your body’s energy can prevent or improve prostate cancer in men.
Exercise with changes in body weight and metabolism can help with lung cancer, especially in men.

The role of exercise in the treatment of cancer
Exercise during cancer treatment not only does not pose a risk but also is very beneficial; exercise can improve bone health, increase muscle strength and promote other aspects of the quality of life of the patient with cancer.
The reasons for the benefits of exercise during the treatment of cancer can be maintained or enhanced by the patient’s body.
Improves the patient’s balance, thereby reducing the chance of falling and causing bone fractures.
It prevents muscular analysis due to immobility.
Reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis (there is a risk of fracture in the weakened and weakened bones).
Increases blood flow to the legs and thus reduces the risk of developing a clot
It reduces the patient’s dependence on others to carry out routine activities.
Enhances self-esteem and patient self-esteem.
Reduces the risk of depression and anxiety.
Reduces nausea.
Reduces symptoms of fatigue.
Helps control weight.
Promotes quality of life.

How to exercise so we can reduce the chance of cancer?
Though there are different views on the time and intensity of exercise to prevent the onset of cancer, but generally 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to severe daily exercise is needed to effectively prevent the development of cancers such as the large intestine. Riding, running, or cycling is a great sport that can be used. Of course, doing daily tasks such as buying, running and … without the use of a car can also be considered a sport. One of the important points is the regularity and continuity of these activities. Exercise should be part of our everyday life. With regular exercise and getting the right weight and getting rid of obesity, the chance of getting cancer is reduced not only, but also from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, bone diseases, and so on. If you are not interested in spending your last years in the hospitals and doctors’ offices and saving your savings instead of spending your pain and treating yourself just to enjoy your life, be sure to devote your day to exercise from today. It may be difficult for the first few days, but after 2-3 weeks of enjoyment, feeling the health after exercise, be sure to quit it hard.