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What is radiotherapy?
Radiation therapy uses ionizing radiation to eliminate or reduce cancerous tissues. In this method, the damage to the DNA, the cells of the treatment area (target tissue), the destruction and the continuation of growth and division is impossible. Although radiation in addition to cancer cells also damages healthy cells, most healthy cells regain their recovery. The goal of radiation therapy is to eliminate the maximum cancer cells with minimal damage to healthy tissues.
Use Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy may be used to treat various types of tumors including brain tumors, breast, cervix, larynx, lung, pancreas, prostate, skin, spinal cord, stomach, uterus or soft tissue sarcoma and bone. Treatment of leukemia and lymphoma (tumor of the lymphatic system) And some benign tumors. The dose used in radiation therapy depends on the type of tumor and tissue or organs damaged. For some tumors, irradiation occurs in non-immoral areas to prevent the growth of cancer cells. This technique is called prophylactic radiotherapy. Radiation therapy can also help reduce symptoms, such as pain caused by the spread of cancer to bone or other body tissues. This technique is called Palliative Radiation Therapy. In general, in a number of patients, the goal of treatment is to completely destroy the tumor, and some patients reduce the tumor or reduce the symptoms of the disease (such as pain). Half of cancer patients become radiation therapy. Radiation therapy may be used alone or in combination with other therapies (chemotherapy or surgery). Even in some cases, more than one radiation therapy method can be used.
Due to the ability of the radiotherapy apparatus to control cell growth, it is used to treat cancer. The ionizing radiation, due to the production of positive and negative ions, damages the DNA of the tissue that is irradiated and ultimately causes cell death. Now you know that most cancer tumors are located in the inner parts of the body, and for radiation to reach the cancerous tissue, organs must pass through. To maintain healthy tissue (such as skin or organs that are in the pathway of radiation to the tumor), beam beams arranged at different angles are transmitted to the tumor to absorb the highest dose in the tumor, not healthy ones around.
Radiation therapy affects the DNA of tumor cells. This damage to DNA is caused by one of two forms of energy, photons, or particles of pregnancy. This damage can affect the direct or indirect ionization of the DNA strand.