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Treatment design room
Today, three-dimensional therapeutic software is used to treat patients with cancer through radiotherapy. Radiotherapy specialist physicians with radiotherapy physicians with the help of these systems will provide appropriate treatment for patients. After receiving the patient’s CT scans, physicians identify tumor radiotherapy and surrounding organs, and radiotherapy physicists plan to design health fields. Experts at this stage with the design of the treatment system are fully up to date with the exact design of the patients. The treatment design system used in this section is ECLIPSE V15.1 (Varian Medical Systems, Inc.), manufactured in the United States, which is one of the best and best treatment systems in the world.
Also, in the near future, God willing, this treatment area will be equipped with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).
One of the important features of this therapeutic device is its energy diversification. With this capability, the radiotherapist will be able to choose the best energy according to the type and depth of the tumor, thus causing the least side effects, including burns, to the patient.
Other functions of radiation physiotherapy are quality control of the therapeutic device, which performs specific tests on the daily, monthly and annual basis for the correct functioning of the devices. For example, to ensure the amount of light beam output from the linear accelerator, the output of the device is controlled periodically by a tool called Quick Check to be within range. Also, the mechanical performance of the machine is performed daily on the machine MPC test. During the design process, patients are sent to a visiting room and taken by radiotherapy residents and biographies. In this section, radiotherapy doctors will give patients a description before starting treatment.

The Department of Medical Physics and Dosimetry are equipped with advanced dosimetric instruments. The unit is equipped with the advanced Beam Scan® (PTW) dosimetry system built in Germany, which is used in the world’s radiation therapy departments such as Cancer Therapy & amp; The Research Center in San Antonio, Texas, United States Center Eugène Marquis in Rennes, France,
The Yorkshire Center for Clinical Oncology, located in Leeds, England, is the University Hospital of Freiburg, located in Freiburg, Germany. This tool is used to extract data about the device for use in the design of the treatment system as well as periodic monitoring of the parameters.
After the installation of the linear accelerator, the center’s medical physicians set up the device for clinical use. After the completion of the process, the preparation and preparation of that device and the process of its preparation were approved by the Atomic Energy Organization and the license for its use was issued.

“Dosimetry section on treatment design”