An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Kerman Radiotherapy and Oncology Center, Kerman, Iran

Phone Call : +98 - 34 - 33257236

The Department of Radiation in AfzaliPour Hospital, with its advanced equipment, Varian, and the Neusoft CT Simulator, with high resolution capabilities, have the ability to perform new radiation therapy techniques such as IGRT and IMRT, and so on.
The Vital beam accelerator in this section, equipped with the MLC system, has 120 Leafs unique ability to locate precisely the cancerous tumors and distinguish them from healthy organs surrounding the exact target of radiotherapy, namely the highest radiation dose to the tumor and the lowest dose Radiation will lead to healthy tissues around. It also comes equipped with an Epid Imaging System that allows accurate verification of treatment designs.
In order to prevent the clusterophobia and calmness of most patients, the treatment room is equipped with a virtual heaven. At the entrance to the treatment room, there are several cabinets for radiotherapy to prepare patients. In this section, patients first change their clothes and then enter the treatment room.
The ground floor includes sections: radiotherapy, CT scan, brachytherapy, coffee shop, chapel, server room, treatment design room, doctors’ rooms, feeding room, dosimetry and reception.
The radiotherapy clinic consists of the following units:
Management, 3 physicians, 3 residents, 3 physicists, 1 admission, 6 treatment departments, 1 engineering, 2 services, 1 facility, 1 employee, 3 guardians, 1 person Finance.