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The working hours of the treatment unit will vary from 7 am to 21 pm (the end of the treatment hours will vary with the treatment of patients throughout the day).
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Treating patients on Thursday is not done.


Kerman Radiotherapy and Oncology Center

The most advanced country radiotherapy device

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Very Important Submissions on Complications After Treatment and Care: Click here to read.



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The Radiation Center is an advanced medical facility that is committed to providing people with comprehensive health services.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Some cancer patients who have received radiation therapy are worried that their body will "get radioactive" after receiving this treatment. Their concern is that physical contact with others will expose others to radiation. The general answer to this concern is that there is no physical connection.
After the treatment design, the patient is ready for radiotherapy. During radiotherapy, the patient should wear soft and comfortable clothes. He should wear clothes that can easily remove them. It is advisable not to have tight dresses, closed collars or belts near the treatment area. Also, the patient should not be placed near or near the therapeutic level of jewelry, bandage, powder, lotion or deodorant and should not use soap and scented detergents before treatment.
The exact cause is unknown, but the factors that can increase the risk of cancer include: Nutrition and improper dietary habits (30% of cancers are unsuitable for a diet) Smoking, hookah and tobacco (90% of lung cancer is due to tobacco use) Obesity and lack of proper physical activity Occupational exposure to carcinogens Infections (especially hepatitis) Genetics Waves and beams ....
Difficulties that can be treated as radiation complications during treatment may be unpleasant, but often not acute or dangerous, and disappear over time (several weeks after treatment). The incidence of complications depends on the type of treatment and the area of ​​treatment, and the patient's patient tolerance and radiation dose (radiotherapy dose). Many patients have no side-effects during treatment and can easily take care of their daily activities. Treatment in different areas of the body will have different effects. The severity of these complications depends on the type of treatment and the treatment area, but general symptoms may also occur in the course of radiation therapy, such as feeling tired, lethargic, and depressed.  Complications vary from person to person. Some have no complications during treatment and show some complications due to treatment complications. A few patients feel fatigued and weaken a few weeks after starting treatment and reduce their daily routine. The causes of fatigue during treatment include: Excessive energy consumption in the body, disease-induced anxiety, daily travel and treatment costs, and radiotherapy effects on healthy cells and body tissues. If you are saddened by fatigue, you can restrict your activity during the duration of your treatment and rest more, prolong the night's sleep and, if necessary, have a few short rest periods per day, and try to help family members to do their daily work. Get
At the onset of radiation therapy, the skin and the markings on the skin are marked with markers or special labels, and a few points on your skin are completely tattooed to determine the way and location of treatment prescribed. All of these markings are for increasing the accuracy of your treatment.

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About Us

The center was built and equipped with the private investment of the leading private company of Kariman. This project was started in August of 1395, and it was built in 1924 square meters of land with the followers of the governor of Kerman and the support of the Khairin.

The comprehensive center is equipped with advanced therapy devices, with its nuclear medicine center equipped with an SPECT device for diagnosis, and the center for radiotherapy and its oncology is equipped with an accelerator and CT Simulator for cancer treatment.

With the installation of this device and the opening of this center, the level of treatment in Kerman province is qualitatively high. With the launch of this facility, we hope to improve the health status of cancer patients in the province of Kerman and neighboring provinces.